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Stephen E. Ostrow Distinguished Visitors

David Rosand
October 26, 2009
Public lecture on "Things Never Seen: Graphic Fantasy and the Dreaming Draftsman"

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David Rosand, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History at Columbia University, specializes in Renaissance visual culture. Noted for his important work on Venetian artists like Titian, Rosand has also made significant contributions to the phenomenological understanding of specific artistic media, including drawing and impasto-style painting. His Ostrow lecture, focused on drawing, addresses a basic tenet in the long tradition of Western aesthetics: the distinction between fantasia and mimesis. Rosand's books include Titian and the Venetian Woodcut (1976), The Meaning of the Mark: Leonardo and Titian (1988), and Drawing Acts: Studies in Graphic Expression and Representation (2002). Building on Rosand's lecture is an exhibition at the Cooley Art Gallery of Old Master drawings from the Crocker Gallery in Sacramento, California.

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