About Art History

In art history the introductory course, Art 201, introduces students to the extended, firsthand study of original works of art and to a wide range of art from various cultures and historical periods. Advanced courses acquaint students with selected periods and movements in art and in the various methods of art historical research. Students learn to refine their powers of critical observation by looking, talking, and writing at length about individual works of art. Currently six to eight advanced art history courses are offered each year. Normally the advanced art history courses are offered in a two- or three-year sequence. The pattern is occasionally altered to suit the special interests of visiting faculty.

The art history junior qualifying exam is written in a junior seminar course taken during the junior year. It consists of a research paper of about 20 pages, written in close consultation with the faculty members teaching the course. The qual paper is supported by weekly readings on methods, historiography, and recent literature in relevant fields of Art History.