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Stephen E. Ostrow Distinguished Visitors

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OCTOBER 1, 2007

Barbara Maria Stafford is the William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, at the University of Chicago. On Monday, October 1 2007, Professor Stafford presented her most recent research and observations on cognitive image histories in a series of talks including: a public lecture entitled "The Remaining 10%: The Role of Sensory Understanding in the Age of the Self-Organizing Brain" for the Stephen E. Ostrow Distinguished Visitors Program in the Visual Arts; two workshops, one on "Attention" and the other on "The significance of tight-figure formats;" and finally, a classroom teaching session (Art 426 Sites of Visual Modernity in China, the "senior seminar" in art history). Stafford is at the forefront of a growing movement that calls for the humanities to confront the brain's material realities.

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