Interview FAQ

Do I have to submit an application to Reed before I interview?
No. You can interview at any point after the start of your second semester of your junior year of high school.

Where can I interview?
You can interview in person or virtually. In person interviews can be requested through the on-campus visit registration. You can request a virtual interview here

When should I schedule my interview?
Interviews are offered throughout the year, so feel free to schedule your interview when you are eligible and available. 

May I schedule a second interview?
No. We receive a large number of interview requests every year and can offer only one interview per applicant. If you have already completed or scheduled an on-campus interview, you may not request a second interview.

What should I wear to my interview?
Dress in whatever is most comfortable for you.

What kinds of questions should I expect to be asked during my interview?
Students should be prepared to discuss their interests, both academic and personal, including, for instance, their favorite subject, author, or activity. Parents will be able to ask questions after the interview concludes.

Should I be nervous?
Not at all. Our interviewers are knowledgeable and excited to talk about Reed.

Do I need to bring anything to my interview?

Can my parent or guardian sit in on the interview?
Interviews are a one-on-one conversation. Parents will be able to ask questions after the interview concludes.