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Whether you are new to the college search—and looking for guidance—or newly admitted to Reed, we invite you to learn more about the application process and explore Reed's distinctive academic program and unique community. 

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Roaming Reedies: Portland Farmers Market, Part 1

Join Milyon (Vice President and Dean of Admission & Financial Aid) and Karnell (Vice President for Student Life) as they visit the Portland Farmers Market. With 110 vendors to choose from, there's a lot going on, and the Deans try it all: hot sauce that has Karnell quaking in his boots, pomegranate kombucha, Greek-style salami, and more.

Navigating the Admission Process

Is Early Decision Right for Me?

Hear from five current Reedies about the benefits of applying and finding out early. They discuss how applying Early Decision removed some of the stress from their senior year and let them show their enthusiasm for Reed.

Application Basics

Join Dev Devvrat, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission, as he breaks down application components, types, and rounds to help you understand the practical aspects of applying to college. 

Case Study of a College Application

Learn what your college application will look like through an admission counselor’s eyes and what matters most in the admission process.

Reed in Context

Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, puts Reed in the greater context of higher education and unpacks the differences between a college and university and a bachelor of science vs. a bachelor of arts degree.

Fundamentals of Financial Aid

What do students and families need to know when applying for financial aid? Sandy Sundstrom, Director of Financial Aid, will explain the fundamental components of financial aid and offer guidance on discussing college financing as a family.

Top Tips for Writing your Personal Statement

Our admission counselors explain their top tips for writing your college essay.

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Getting to Know Campus and Communities

Reedie Room Tour: Angellina's Room in Sitka

Angellina '24 is a junior psychology major. Watch as she takes you on a tour of her room in Sitka.

Roaming Reedies: Salt & Straw

Watch as the Roaming Reedies head to Salt & Straw, one of Portland's most popular ice cream companies, and participate in the Ice Cream Olympics.

Roaming Reedies Student Edition: Woodstock Neighborhood Tour

Watch four Reedies explore Woodstock Boulevard, just a ten-minute walk from campus and a popular street in one of the main neighborhoods that borders Reed. 

Alumni Interview: Kinari Webb '95

Meet Kinari Webb '95, a Reed biology major, doctor, and founder of Health in Harmony, and learn about her remarkable path to community-led conservation. 

Reed Alumni: Day in the Life of a Research Assistant

Meet Ipsita Krishnamurthy '20 as she takes you on a tour of her day as a research assistant at Oregon Health & Science University. Ipsita wields a pipette like a pro and introduces you to all the fellow Reedies in her lab.

Reed Alumni: Day in the Life of a Park Ranger

Meet Hanna Dörnhofer '16, a Reed grad, bio major, and community engagement park ranger. Hanna takes you through her day as she counts frog eggs, clears brush, and reflects on how Reed  prepared her for her role.

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Majors and Programs

Academic Panel

Kathy Oleson, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Psychology, and Nigel Nicholson, Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities, discuss what makes Reed's educational experience transformational.

Faculty Office Hours - Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor of Chemistry Kelly Chacón and Professor of Biology Sarah Schaack talk about their departments and the biology, chemistry, and biochemistry and molecular biology majors at Reed.

Faculty Office Hours - Psychology

Join Professors of Psychology Jennifer Henderlong Corpus and Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez in their virtual office hours as they discuss the psychology major at Reed.

Faculty Office Hours - English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature

Join Professors Samiya Bashir, Libby Drumm, and Jay Dickson in their virtual office hours as they break down studying English at Reed.

Engineering Pathways at Reed

There are many paths from Reed to a career in engineering. Watch this panel discussion to learn more about the 3:2 engineering program.

Pre-Medical Pathways at Reed

Watch Milyon Trulove's conversation with three members of Reed’s pre-med advising team.

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