American Studies


Members of the American Studies Committee

Mark Burford (Chair) | Music | Email
American popular music; African American music; late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German musical culture; cultural politics.

Jacqueline Dirks | History | Email
American social and cultural history; U. S. women’s history.

Margot Minardi | History | Email
American Revolution and early republic; social movements; nationalism and transnationalism; colonialism and empire; race, slavery, and emancipation; historical memory.

Marc Schneiberg | Sociology | Email
Economic sociology; organizations; race and ethnicity.

Sarah Wagner-McCoy | English |  Email
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American fiction; transatlantic literature and culture; Irish drama and Irish studies; pastoral and environmental writing; the politics of classical education in postbellum America.

Affiliated Faculty

Kara Becker | Linguistics | Email
Regional and social dialects of American English.

Robert Brightman | Anthropology | Email
Native North America.

Michael Miishen Carpentier | Anthropology | Email
Language revitalization; sovereignty; policing; gender theory; legal anthropology; linguistic anthropology; semiotics; Native North America.

Kris Cohen | Art | Email
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art; contemporary art; art theory and criticism; media studies; Web cultures; gender and sexuality; history of photography; early film history.

John Dougherty | History and Environmental Studies | Email
American West, comparative ethnic studies, Native American studies, environmental history.

Catherine Ming T'ien Duffly | Theatre | Email
American theater; race and gender theory; socially engaged performance practices.

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri | Religion | Email
Islam in America; religions in U.S. history.

Paul Gronke | Political Science | Email
American elections and election administration; American public opinion; American political institutions, current issues in American politics.

Joshua Howe | History and Environmental Studies | Email
Environmental history; history of science; twentieth-century United States.

Nathalia King | English | Email
Literary theory; the novel; class.

Laura Leibman | English | Email
Early American literature and culture; American poetry, poetics, and ethnopoetics; Native American literature and culture; postcolonial theory; gender theory; American studies.

Tamara Metz | Political Science | Email
Political theory, including liberalism, American political thought, and theories of gender, freedom, and family.

Pancho Savery | English | Email
African-American literature; American literature and cultural history; modern and contemporary drama, poetry and fiction; creative writing.

David Schiff | Music | Email
American classical music; jazz; American musical theater.

Gail Sherman | English | Email
Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American fiction; gender, race, and ethnicities in American fiction; Jewish-American fiction.

Paul Silverstein | Anthropology | Email
Race; immigration; urban anthropology.

Dustin Simpson | English | Email
American poetry and poetics since 1850; pragmatism; aesthetics; American nature writing.

Lisa Steinman | English | Email
Modern and contemporary American poetry; creative writing; Romanticism; eighteenth-century poetry.