Alumni Admission Representative

Admission Alumni Representatives (AARs) around the world help the Office of Admission increase Reed College's visibility and reach. By providing information about Reed to interested prospective students and by providing the admission staff with additional information about our applicants, alumni interviewers can be an important part of a student's experience of the application process. This program augments the efforts of Reed's admission staff while providing alumni with a meaningful and productive way to help their alma mater.

The Office of Admission looks to have a pool of capable and excited alumni volunteers to call upon when needed. The majority of volunteer activities are interviewing prospective students or attending college fairs and receptions.

  • Interviews at Reed are casual and non-evaluative. Lasting 20-30 minutes each, they are an opportunity for students to enrich the personal side of their application, and to get their questions answered. The information they provide then becomes part of their application to Reed.
  • College Fairs & Receptions take place across the USA throughout the year. In the fall, they are aimed at getting students acquainted with Reed and helping them choose to apply. In the spring, they allow students to get a greater feel of Reed to inform their decision about whether or not to attend. Alumni often attend these events to share their perspectives.

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