Institutional Review Board

Submission Forms & Materials

Submission Form A (Word DOC)
For proposals that involve quantitative research (e.g., experiments, surveys, structured interviews).
Submission Form B (Word DOC)
For proposals that involve qualitative research (e.g., narratives, unstructured individual in-depth interviews, field work).
Addendum Form
  (Word DOC)
Continuation Form (Word DOC)

NOTE: You will notice that both the Submission Form and Appendices Documents are protected. This allows us to incorporate some formatting that makes the reading of the forms easier for the Committee. Please leave these protected.

In addition to the Submission Form, you may need to include some of the following documents with your proposal (if applicable):

  • Non-Reed IRB Approval

  • Appendices

    • Appendix A – Research Involving Child Participants (Word DOC)
    • Appendix B – International Research or Non-English Speaking Participants (Word DOC)
    • Form B: Supplement - Research with subjects in protected categories and research language evaluation (see Appendix A for research involving child participants) (Word DOC)

  • Participant Recruitment Materials
    Append materials that will be used for recruiting research participants such as flyers, ads, letters, emails, oral scripts, etc. Click here for example participant recruitment scripts (Word DOC).

  • Questionnaires, Surveys & Interview Protocol
    Append all questionnaires, surveys, sample items from computers tasks, or any other materials that participants will be reading, evaluating, or filling out. If participants will be interviewed, provide sample questions.

  • Consent Documents
    See Participant Consent page for guidelines and sample consent documents.

    Please Note: IRB contact information on consent forms should include both co-chairs as listed below:

    Professor Michael Pitts           Professor Paul Gronke
    Co-Chair, Reed College IRB Co-Chair, Reed College IRB
    Email: Email:
    Office Phone: 503-517-7721 Office Phone: 503-517-7393

If you are submitting an addendum to a previously approved proposal, please download and complete the IRB Addendum Form. Submit a hardcopy to Kayla Johnston in Chemistry 303, and email an electronic copy to her at Your addendum will be forwarded to the committee and you will hear back with requests for more information, changes, or approval within a day or two.

If you are submitting a continuation to a previously approved proposal, please use the IRB Continuation Form.

Please submit one hardcopy of the Submission Form and any necessary Appendices/documents, bearing the appropriate Cover Page signatures, to Kayla Johnston, in Chemistry 303. Once the signed hardcopy has been submitted, please send an electronic copy of the entire submission to her at, so your proposal may be circulated for review.