From Evidence to Scholarship

Transforming Undergraduate Student Research in the Digital Age

Conference 2018

Collaborating to transform undergraduate research
Evolving modes of scholarly practice in the digital age

March 14–16, 2018
Reed College
Portland, Oregon

Students must master discipline-specific context, methods, and tools to succeed as scholars, a complex endeavor that requires multifaceted support throughout their undergraduate education. This two-day workshop will bring together faculty, librarians, and instructional technologists to share collaborative strategies for cultivating student engagement with data and digital resources.

Call for Proposals

The Evidence to Scholarship project team invites faculty, students, librarians, instructional technologists, and others interested in student research in the digital age to submit a session proposal for the conference.

Themes that emerged from the Evidence to Scholarship project include:

  • Improving student research practices
  • Strategies for making research more prominent in the curriculum
  • Research support needs specific to sophomores and juniors
  • Data intensive research projects
  • Reproducible research across the curriculum
  • Working with primary sources
  • Designing and supporting digital scholarship projects in courses
  • Collaboration on campus and beyond
  • Engagement with the broader scholarly community
We welcome proposals that engage with these themes or other aspects of undergraduate research support, and are particularly eager to see proposals from teams that include both faculty (and/or students) and staff.

Submit session proposals by Monday, October 30, 2017. 


Send questions about the conference or the call for proposals to