Computing & Information Services

Guidelines for New Technology Adoption

Adopted by the CPC 3/6/2013

The acquisition of major* software systems, online services, specialized hardware, and other technologies for institutional use has become increasingly complex in recent years. Finding the technology that best meets a specific need, is compatible with technology already used at the college, complies with ADA accessibility requirements, is offered at the best price and contract terms, and can be implemented and maintained effectively with available staff and financial resources can be challenging.

Members of the Reed community should contact Computing & Information Services as early as possible when considering the acquisition of new technologies.

Administrative staff should contact: Director of Administrative Computing Services at 503-777-7298 or

Academic support staff, faculty, and librarians should contact: Director of Computer User Services at 503-777-7525 or

Questions about any aspect of new technology acquisition may be directed to the Chief Information Officer at 503-777-7254 or

CIS can provide professional assistance with:

  • analysis of the goals for acquiring a new technology;
  • evaluation of commercial, cloud-based and other software alternatives;
  • scheduling product demonstrations and acceptance testing;
  • solicitation of input from reference sites;
  • determination of compatibility with existing software;
  • determination of compliance with ADA and other legal requirements;
  • negotiation of optimal pricing and contract terms;
  • assessment of implementation requirements;
  • development of installation schedule;
  • assistance with user training;
  • identification of potential funding sources;
  • assistance with capital funding proposal(s).

* Major software systems or services are those that cost $1,000 or more, are used by multiple people, require integration with existing technology, require ongoing support either by CIS or a third party, or may be used to store or transmit confidential information,