I am an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Reed College. My research explores different ways to model biological systems using computers, concentrating on how diseases such as cancer affect these systems.

Before joining Reed in 2015, I was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, working with T. M. Murali. I developed graph and hypergraph algorithms for signaling pathway prediction.

I received my PhD in 2012 from the Department of Computer Science at Brown University, advised by Ben Raphael (who is now at Princeton). My dissertation focused on analyzing structural variants in human and cancer genomes. I received my Master's from Brown in 2008 for work in motif identification from phosphoproteomic data.

I received my undergraduate degree from Carleton College in 2006. Advised by Dave Musicant, I worked with chemists to develop useful and scalable tools to analyze atmospheric particles.

Latest News

August 2017
Classes are almost upon us - welcome back!
We are heading to ACM-BCB in Boston. My postdoctoral researcher Ibrahim Youssef will be presenting a poster titled Breaking Ties in Weighted Interactomes.
Derek Applewhite and I are co-organizing the second Pacific Northwest Quantitative Biology (PacNow QB) Symposium, which will be held at Reed on Friday, September 22. We have arranged a great lineup of speakers.
Check out the CREU team's blog, The Pathway Not Taken (kudos to Alex King for the name).
July 2017
I went to in Prague - what a great meeting.
  • I presented a poster on Hyperpath Relaxations for Signaling Pathway Analysis, which is co-authored with Adam Groce and Jim Fix in the CS Department and former students Nick Franzese and Barney Potter.
  • I lead a discussion at the Computational Biology Education (CoBE) BOF.
  • I was on the 2017 Career Central Session panel on Essential Skills and Networking Advice for Early-Career Researchers.
Chris Lydgate wrote a blog post about Derek's and my NSF grant: Bio Profs Win NSF Grant to Study Shapeshifting Cells
I was on the Award Selection Committee for the ACM-BCB 2017 Student Travel Grant. Congratulations to the winners!
June 2017
Ibrahim Youssef's poster abstract was accepted to ACM-BCB! He will present the poster, titled Breaking Ties in Weighted Interactomes, in Boston at the end of August.
Derek Applewhite's and my NSF grant has been funded! The grant is titled RUI: Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Non-muscle Myosin II Contractility. Congratulations to the PI, Derek Applewhite.
We received funding from CRA for a collaborative REU project! The project, titled Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning to Predict Genes Associated with Schizophrenia, will support student research for the next academic year. Congratulations to the co-PI Derek Applewhite and the two students on the team, Miriam Bern and Alex King!
The GraphSpace paper has been accepted to Bioinformatics! Congratulations to all my collaborators on that paper (in Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Biology, Mathematical Modeling, and Statistics. Talk about interdisciplinary!)
Check out Bio131's final projects on the class website.
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