Title IX

COVID & Title IX Amnesty

February 23, 2021:

In support of Reed’s commitment to a campus free from sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking, the Title IX and DHSM policies include amnesty provisions. Amnesty allows students who have experienced or witnessed violations of these policies to share information (participate in reports, investigations, or hearings) without facing disciplinary action for other policy violations that arise from the information they share. To address student questions about amnesty and the COVID Prevention and Response Plan, the following memo is intended to clarify the relationships of these policies.

The Title IX and DHSM language on amnesty explains that amnesty will normally apply, “provided [the other] violations did not put the health and safety of any other person at risk.” When considering COVID, health and safety of others calls for an analysis that is unique to the circumstances of a global pandemic.

In continued support of the reporting of sexual harassment and/or relationship abuse, amnesty will normally be extended to violations of the COVID protocols. Conduct demonstrative of intentional harm to the health and safety of others in the community, such as the deliberate infection of another, is an example of a situation in which amnesty would not be extended.

Individuals may be required to engage in educational follow-up and/or community health measures related to the COVID protocols. When Title IX/DHSM amnesty is extended, these follow-ups will not be associated with a determination of policy violation, nor will they be documented as part of a student’s disciplinary record. 

Lastly, it is important to note that individuals who report or support the reporting of potential violations of the Title IX or DHSM policies are protected against retaliation. Reporting a member of the Reed community for a violation of the COVID protocols because they reported or supported a Title IX or DHSM report constitutes retaliation. Likewise, threatening to report someone for a COVID protocol violation unless they engage in unwanted behavior is a violation of college policy. Title IX/DHSM amnesty will also be extended in response to reports of these behaviors.