Student Success

As described in Reed College’s mission statement, “The goal of the Reed education is that students learn and demonstrate rigor and independence in their habits of thought, inquiry and expression.” The Student Success Committee was charged to examine the student experience from the student perspective to better understand campus narratives, practices, and policies that either encourage or undermine students’ ability to achieve their academic and personal goals during and after their time at Reed.

Through a comprehensive process of community engagement and reflection, the Student Success Committee concluded that, in order to take full advantage of Reed’s rigorous academic program, students must: 1) feel welcome and valued at Reed, that they belong to and deserve to be included in Reed’s academic community, 2) embrace connections with others who share common intellectual and personal interests, as well as those with different perspectives than their own, 3) make their own health and well-being a priority, and 4) develop the capacity to flourish in a challenging intellectual environment.

Information about the Student Success Committee’s process, findings, goals and updates on progress toward goals, are available to the Reed community here.