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Gray Fund events are free and open to students, faculty, and staff. For most on-campus events, you are welcome to invite a family member or partner. All events are free of alcohol, drugs, and smoking. The Gray Fund was founded by Betty Gray in 1992 to enrich students’ lives outside the classroom, bringing students, faculty, and staff together to enjoy musicians, performers, and artists on campus; explore the outdoors in and around Oregon; and engage other cultural, social, and recreational activities both on- and off-campus. The principle behind every Gray Fund event is to have fun!

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"The purpose of this endowed fund is to assure that Reed College will have stimulating cultural, social, and recreational programs of excellent quality on a regular and planned basis which will interest students, faculty, and staff and which will involve these three groups together in activities outside the classroom which complement the college's academic program."
—Betty Gray, 1992

Since then, the Gray Fund has brought musicians, performers, and artists to campus, while sending students, faculty, and staff members off to explore the outdoors, visit museums, and learn about Portland. The principle behind every Gray Fund event is to have fun!

The Gray Fund strives to ensure that activities are accessible to all members of the community, and is proud that its "substance free" policy has become a tradition at Reed. If you are concerned about your ability to attend an event due to physical limitations, please come to or call one of the offices listed below.

Events and trips are planned by both the student activities office and the sports center. For more information about recreational trips, email the Gray Fund recreation interns at Sarah Lange or call Will Symms in the sports center (503/777-7285). For more information about other Gray Fund trips or events, email

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