Critical Period

The linguistic genius of babies

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The video basically introduces some of the factors that are important to babies when they are first exposed to languages. And also, it shows us how critical period and puberty play a role in babies language acquisitions.

Babies Are Linguistic Geniuses

In this TedTalk, Patricia Kuhl assess the linguistic abilities of babies and how their surrounding environment affects their language acquisition. She examines the various mental processes and reasoning babies use in order to understand their life in this world. [Published on 10-01-2010]

Posted by Bri Smith on July 28, 2016

Critical Period

Child Language Acquisition

This article talks about development in children's language and what is typical and what is abnormal. Different children develop language differently and at different paces, this explains that most abnormalities are not a concern.

Posted by Brittany Weinlood on March 9, 2016

Critical Period;

Cherokee Look for Ways to Save Their Dying Language

This article depicts the perception of Cherokee as a "dying language", and how the remaining speakers are trying to bring it back to life. [Published on 02-29-2016]

Radiolab: Words

A episode from the WNYC program Radiolab about language, covering topics like the emergence of Nicaraguan Sign Language, the critical period, and issues of language and cognition.