Haitian Creole

Overview of Haitian Creole

A overview of the history of Haitian Creole from LangFocus [Published on 11-01-2017]

Posted by Kara Becker on November 26, 2018

Haitian Creole

Kodak Black Social Artifact Golden Boy

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He uses a dialect that is familiar with the rap community, and has an accent that is usually associated with the Haitian community. His delivery of the language he uses gives him his swagger, and gives him a style that stands out from other artists. Examples of his lyrics include saying things like "dat" instead of "that", or "witchu" instead of with "with you".

Language on Trial: Rachel Jeantel

A 2013 interview on NPR's Here and Now with sociolinguist John Rickford about the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, a speaker of Haitian Creole, Spanish, and African American English, during the George Zimmerman trial.

Dark-skinned and plus-sized: the real Rachel Jeantel story

Report on how the defence lawyer in trial of Trayvon Martin's killer tried to make Martin's girlfriend's testimony sound less convincing by discrediting her and her non-standard English.