Hall-Lew, Lauren

Mock Spanish

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This is an example of Mock Spanish with the phrase Cinco de Drinko.

I Say Arabi

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This video demonstrates the variation in the pronunciation of foreign (a) in Arabic words that are frequently used in English. The difference in the pronunciation of the word 'falafel' is particularly interesting in the context of the Hall-Lew article on the pronunciation of 'Iraq' because here, /ɑ:/ and not /æ/ is the nativized variant.

Posted by Willis Jenks on February 3, 2016

Hall-Lew, Lauren;

Pronouncing Pakistan and other foreign (a) words

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A 2008 segment from The Young Turks on the pronunciation of foregin (a) in Pakistan and other words. I use this with the reading: Hall-Lew, Coppock, and Starr. 2010. Indexing Political Persuasion: Variation in the Iraq vowels.