Reed College Theatre

Rhinoceros and Community Engagement

Given the themes presented in the play and the Theatre Department’s commitment to engaging with Reed and Portland communities, we have a dedicated Community Engagement team for this production focused on tying Reed Theatre’s Rhinoceros to mutual aid work on campus and in Portland. In addition to connecting individuals to organizations for engagement on the Reed campus, we have provided links to organizations supporting Oregonians affected by the fires as well as those engaged in the fight for racial justice. We aim to use our production to amplify opportunities for social activism and community engagement.

At the core of Rhinoceros is a warning about the rise of fascism, told through the immigrant lens of playwright Eugene Ionesco. We believe that one of the ways to engage in this fight is through community aid and care. Here is some information about opportunities to engage with this kind of work on and off campus:
  • Learn about the Reed Community Pantry, which provides nonperishable food items, toiletries, hygiene products, clothing, books, and more at no cost to members of the Reed community.

  • Support or request aid from the Reed Community Mutual Aid Fund, a fund specifically for Reed community members whose needs cannot be met by the college’s emergency funding options.

  • Check out and support Loose Change, Reed's Student of Color Creative Magazine: @soczine_reed.

  • Find an organization supporting Oregonians impacted by the fires.

  • Support groups who are providing community jail support in Portland as well as providing resources for those experiencing houselessness:

    Defense Fund PDX: Venmo @DefenseFundPdx

    PDX Community Jail Support: CashApp $PDXCJS
    Please note: PDX Community Jail Support has requested that those who donate funds do not cite "protests" or "jail support" in their donation description, as such citations may increase risk of CashApp closing their account.

  • Pledge to join our generation in voting in this upcoming election.

  • Sunrise Reed