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Symmetrical Four-layered Ovoid Lattices #3

An exhibition of watercolors by Prof. Michael Knutson [art 1982–], from his series Layered Ovoid Lattices, was shown in the Oregon governor’s office in Salem in December 2013–February 2014. Selected for the Art in the Governor’s Office program, which honors Oregon artists, Knutson’s name adds to a list that includes Manuel Izquierdo, Michael Russo, and Margot Voorhies Thompson ’70. 

Describing the series, Knutson sta-ted: “There are various ways to read across the paintings: locating the smallest clusters of ovoids and following their expansion across a layer; looking between the ovoids at the membrane-like lattices; looking through the layers of ovoids and lattices; constructing an elastic scaffolding across the layers of lattice; sliding on and off arcs of the implicit spirals; scanning between the symmetrical elements. My paintings might lead one to consider not just what one is seeing, but how one is seeing.” The series also includes paintings in oil, some of which were exhibited at the Blackfish Gallery in Portland in 2012. 

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