Thinker. Tailor. Soldier. Spy.

By Raymond Rendleman ’06

The kaleidoscopic career of designer Emilio Pucci ’37.

Fire in the Belly

By Geoff Koch

Prof. Bob Kaplan probes deep questions about global warming and the fire-bellied toad.

Saving Starfish

By Randall S. Barton

Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY) trains students in the art of collaboration.

Apocrypha: Traditions, Myths, & Legends

The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

Long-lost diary tells of Sartre's star-crossed stint as a short-order cook.


Giant snowball batters Reed dorm

A giant runaway snowball crashes into a Reed dorm.

VIDEO: A Different Drummer
Ripped from the archives. Groundbreaking film about Reed in the early sixties by Harry Paget ’52. Check out classic footage of Prof. Marvin Levich [philosophy] around 2:55.