Bowled Over

The revival of a grand tradition—bowling in Eliot Hall.

By Callie Graffi

Eliot Hall was shaken to its foundations in December with the retirement of presidential assistant Kathy Rose. A veteran of five presidents and 21 Renn Fayres, Kathy has been a key administrative figure since before today’s freshlings were born.

Her retirement party featured numerous tributes. Ed Segel [history, 1973–] composed a ditty to the tune of the Yellow Rose of Texas (“We know she keeps the Boss in line, she rules behind the scenes; She wards off forward faculty and all those pesky Deans.”)

The party also witnessed the revival of a grand Reed tradition—bowling on the third floor of Eliot Hall. Dean Ellen Stauder [English, 1983–] obtained a ball and pins and turned the corridor outside the registrar’s office into an impromptu alley, officiated by assistant registrar Ben Bradley ’88. President Colin Diver and trustee Dan Greenberg ’62 both bowled strikes, to general consternation.

Kathy is succeeded by Dawn Thompson, who has worked at Reed for the past 14 years as director of college relations operations. 

President Colin Diver goes bowling on third floor of Eliot Hall.