Fighting for Amanda's Dream

In 1905, eleven heirs of Amanda Reed filed suit to break her will and claim her fortune. Only one man—the twelfth heir—​could save her dream from destruction.


Reed biology professor Steve Black looks to deadly spiders (yes, that's a black widow) for clues about evolution and development.

Rapture of the Tiny

Artist Maggie Rudy ’80 creates a whiskered world resplendent with rodents.

Trapped in the USSR

A new book by Gal Beckerman ’98 explores the paradox of the Soviet Jews: stuck in a bureaucracy that would not let them go, but would not let them be.

A School for Kathmandu

Xeno Acharya ’09 left Nepal to get away from the civil war. His conscience made him go back to do something about it.

Puja’s Lesson

Amid dogs and dust, a Reed senior teaches English in the slums of Kathmandu.

Classic Lectures

What Hum 110 Is All About

Hum prof reflects on the principle of density.

Centennial Campaign

Young Alumni give a Damn

Recent grads give back to Reed in record numbers. What’s going on?

Celebrating Reed's Centennial

100 Years of Reed

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