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Mark Burford

Mark Burford [music 2007–] received his PhD in historical musicology from Columbia, where he also earned an MPhil and an MA, and holds a BA in music from UC Santa Barbara. At Reed he has taught Masterpieces of Western Music; Music History I and II; Music of the Caribbean; History and Memory in African American Music; Studying Popular Music; Così fan tutte as Musical Work and Cultural Text; Nineteenth-Century Symphony; The Blues: Forms, Styles, Meanings; Music in the United States during the 1950s; Music and the Black Freedom Struggle; Brahms and the Symphonic Ideal; and Music and Cold War America.

Lucas Illing

Lucas Illing [physics 2007–] worked as a senior research scientist at Duke and a postgraduate research scientist for the Institute for Nonlinear Science at UC San Diego, where he obtained both an MS and a PhD in physics. He obtained his vordiplom degree in physics from Humboldt Universität in Berlin. At Reed he has taught General Physics I and II, Optics, and Advanced Laboratory I and II.

Carla Mann ’81

Carla Mann ’81 [dance 1995–] holds an MALS in dance and movement from Wesleyan and a BA in music from Reed.  She previously taught at Lewis and Clark, the Center for Movement Arts, Conduit Dance, Dance Gatherer, Dancers Workshop, and the Dance USA Annual Conference, all in Portland, as well as the University of Alaska, Duncan Centre in the Czech Republic, and Kunming Youth Art School in China. At Reed she has taught Introduction to Dance: Studio I and II; Contemporary Dance I, II, III and IV; Contemporary Performance Ensemble; Improvisation; Special Projects in Choreography; Cultural Studies in Dance; Advanced Technique & Performance; and independent studies. She has collaborated on and choreographed many academic and professional projects.

Margot Minardi

Margot Minardi [history 2007–] holds a PhD and an AM in history and an AB in history and literature, all from Harvard. At Reed she has taught Introduction to Western Humanities; Colonial America; Mapping Colonial America; Sources and Methods in Early African American History; Revolutionary America; American Social Reform from Revolution to Reconstruction; American Abolitionism; Humanity in Perspective; and independent studies.

Jonathan Rork

Jonathan Rork [economics 2010–] previously taught at the Institut d’Economia de Barcelona, Georgia State University, Vassar, Brown, the University of New Hampshire, and Stanford. He holds a PhD in economics from Stanford and an AB in mathematics-economics from Brown. The courses he has taught at Reed include Microeconomic Theory; Game Theory; and Urban Economics.

Kjersten Whittington

Kjersten Whittington [sociology 2007–] holds a PhD and MA in sociology from Stanford and a BA in physics from North Carolina State University. At Reed she has taught Research Methods; Networks and Social Structure; Sociology of Science; Sociology of Gender; and Introduction to Sociology.