Reed celebrates the performing arts with a new building and a new home.

Taking off the Gloves

Prof. Kate Bredeson teaches students the elements of drama.

Theatre of War

Jonathan Wei ’88 helps military veterans tell their stories.

Songs for Kukua

Ghanaian musician finds his voice at Reed.

Dance of the Pixel

Reed prof leaps into terpsichorean technology, iPad in hand.

Adolescent Drama

Bruce Livingston ’65 helps troubled teens harness the power of narrative.

Cosmic Comic

Funnyman James Ashby ’04 brings down the house on <em>Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater</em>.

Total Immersion

Reed band Hausu makes national debut.

The Electric Mr. Burns

Playwright Anne Washburn ’91 wows Broadway with a drama that fuses Euripides with <em>The Simpsons</em>.

Dept. of Nuts and Bolts

Financial Aid: 13 Questions

Helping families pay for a Reed education