The Books Issue


By Chris Lygate ’90

Our obsession with the written word has never been stronger.

The Books Issue

A Century of Great Books

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Presenting a brief and idiosyncratic selection of Reed authors through history.

The Books Issue

The Uncharted Lena

By Romel Hernandez

Professor Lena Lenček on Chekhov, Odysseus, and Swimsuits.

Eliot Circular

Calligraphy Makes a Comeback

By Randall S. Barton

Ancient art form returns to campus.

In Memoriam

Carol Creedon [psychology 1957–91]

By Lauren Rusk ’80

The Pursuit of Understanding

VIDEO: To Cut or Not to Cut?
Professor Pancho Savery [English 1994–] discusses literature and censorship as part of Oregon Humanities' Conversation Project.