The Books Issue


Our obsession with the written word has never been stronger.

The Books Issue

A Century of Great Books

Presenting a brief and idiosyncratic selection of Reed authors through history.

The Books Issue

The Disappearing Trick

Anthropologist Graham Jones ’97 reveals how magicians guard their craft in the internet age.

The Books Issue


Historian Amy Reading ’98 recounts a provocative tale of chicanery and vengeance.

The Books Issue


Peter Zuckerman ’03 and the sherpas who survived K2.

The Books Issue

How the Dutch Lost Taiwan

Tonio Andrade ’92 examines China’s first great military victory over the West.

The Books Issue

The Battle of the Bard

Jan Powell MALS ’86 says literary editors have diluted Shakespeare’s fury.

The Books Issue

The Uncharted Lena

Professor Lena Lenček on Chekhov, Odysseus, and Swimsuits.

The Books Issue

Rediscovering Lloyd Reynolds

A long-lost calligraphy manual of Lloyd Reynolds is finally published.

A Community in Progress

Diversity and Inclusion at Reed

Plugging Into the Switchboard

Reed Switchboard connects students to alumni for career advice.

Why We Give

As the Centennial Campaign enters the final stretch, we found ourselves pondering a fundamental issue—why do alumni give to Reed?

Adventures in the First Person

Icons and Rollerblades

A dispatch from the Reed Russian tour 2012.

In Memoriam

Carol Creedon [psychology 1957–91]

The Pursuit of Understanding