Spectrogram of Upper SaxonI specialize in intonation (prosody), breathy and creaky voice quality (phonation), infant-directed speech, and the relationship between reduplication and (dis)similarity. I've published work on several languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Thai, and Upper Saxon.

Here's a PDF of my CV.

B-ToBI website: describes how to analyze and transcribe Bengali intonation

PDFs of theses

PhD dissertation, 2008: Intonational phonology and focus prosody of Bengali
Committee: Sun-Ah Jun (chair), Bruce P. Hayes, Patricia A. Keating, Jody Kreiman, Kie Ross Zuraw

MA thesis, 2006: Similarity avoidance in Bengali fixed-segment reduplication
Committee: Kie Ross Zuraw (chair), Bruce P. Hayes, Colin Wilson

PDFs of publications

Khan, SD. 2016. The intonation of South Asian languages: towards a comparative analysis. Proceedings of Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages 6, 23-36.

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