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Doctoral Degree Productivity

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Undergraduate Origins of Doctoral Degrees

Percentage ranking of doctorates, by academic field, conferred upon graduates of listed institutions.

Rank All Disciplines Science and Math Social Sciences Humanities and Arts
1 Calif. Inst. of Tech. Calif. Inst. of Tech. Swarthmore New England Conserv. of Music
2 Harvey Mudd Harvey Mudd Bard College at Simon's Rock St. John's, MD
3 Swarthmore Carleton Reed Swarthmore
4 Reed MIT Haverford Reed
5 Carleton Reed Carleton Oberlin
6 MIT Swarthmore Pomona Juilliard
7 Grinnell Haverford Amherst Cleveland Inst. of Music
8 Haverford Univ. of Chicago Williams Yale
9 Princeton Grinnell Harvard St. John's, NM
10 Harvard Pomona Bryn Mawr Amherst

Percentage Ranking by Specific Fields of Study

Rank Life Sciences Physical Sciences Psychology Other Social Sciences* Humanities
1 Calif. Inst. of Tech. Calif. Inst. of Tech. Univ. Puerto Rico - Aguadilla Swarthmore St. John's, MD
2 Reed Harvey Mudd Reed Bard College at Simon's Rock Reed
3 Swarthmore Reed Wellesley Reed Swarthmore
4 Carleton NM Institute Mining/Tech. Vassar Harvard St. John's, NM
5 Grinnell MIT Haverford Univ. of Chicago Amherst
6 MIT Carleton Barnard Carleton Carleton
7 Haverford Swarthmore Williams Williams Bryn Mawr
8 Harvey Mudd Haverford Pomona Amherst Yale
9 Pomona Wabash Bard College at Simon's Rock Pomona Harvard
10 Univ. of Chicago Grinnell Grinnell Bryn Mawr Bard

*Does not include psychology, education, or communications and librarianship.

Source: NSF WebCASPAR. The data were compiled by HEDS. The listing shows the top institutions in the nation ranked by estimated percentage of graduates who went on to earn a doctoral degree in selected disciplines between 2005-2014.