Facts about Reed

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What Is Institutional Research?

"Broadly, 'institutional research' is viewed as a range of activities involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of information descriptive of an institution and its activities, including its students and staff, programs, management and operations. The findings of such 'institutional research' can assist institutional leaders (in both academic and administrative domains) through informing their planning and decision making."

–Zimmer, B; JIRA, Vol.4 No.1, May 1995, pg.74, "Achieving Quality Within Funding Constraints: The Potential Contribution of Institutional Research"

What We Do

  • Assist the institution in its planning and assessment activities.
  • Serve as a primary contact with state and federal agencies with respect to information reporting.
  • Respond to internal and external data requests.
  • Produce educational and organizational studies, reports, and summaries.
  • Develop and maintain a cycle of regular institutional studies, reports and databases designed to support recurring decision needs of the institution.
  • Serve as a reliable source for comprehensive and authoritative information about the institution.
  • Oversee the institution's response to national statistical surveys, questionnaires and other non-routine requests for data or information.
  • Serve as a resource for techniques of institutional research, research methodologies and the design and execution of information systems and surveys.


Reed is a member of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, which consists of about 130 small, private, nonprofit institutions around the country that are committed to sharing and using information to more fully enact their missions and promote effective liberal arts education.

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