Facts about Reed

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Fall 2022 Enrollment (headcount)

Student Level Women Men Total
Undergraduate 881 (58%) 642 (42%) 1523
Graduate 5 (45%) 6 (55%) 11
Total 886 (58%) 648 (42%) 1534

Student to Faculty Ratio / Class Size

Student to faculty ratio 9 to 1
Average class size 16.4

Graduating Class of 2022

Division Departments % of 300
graduating seniors
Arts Art, Dance, Music, Theatre 9%
History and social sciences Anthropology, Economics, History,
Political Science, Sociology
Literature and languages Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Chinese, Classics, Comparative Literature, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish 14%
Mathematics and natural sciences Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Science/Mathmematics, Computer Science/Physics, Mathematics, Math/Physics, Physics 27%
Philosophy, religion, psychology, and linguistics Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 16%
Ad hoc
American Studies, Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies,Economics/Mathematics, Environmental Studies, History/Literature, International and Comparative Policy Studies (ICPS), Literature/Theatre, Neuroscience, Art/Biology, Art/Computer Science, Religion/Political Science 11%