Full-year course

Full-year (also called yearlong) courses are typically worth two Reed units for two semesters of work completed. The fall and spring semesters in these courses are sequentially ordered; students registering for the spring semester of a yearlong course without completing the fall semester must request the approval of the instructor. The courses are graded cumulatively; the final grade appears on the transcript for both semesters of the course.

In order to receive credit for yearlong courses, both semesters must be completed. In response to a student’s request, instructors may grant credit for one semester of a yearlong course by signing the credit for one semester of a year course form, available in the registrar’s office. Students receiving credit for the first half of a course who then drop the second half of the course before the deadline to withdraw will receive a W on the transcript for the spring. Students who do not attend the spring semester will not have a W recorded in a semester in which they are not enrolled.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)