Class attendance

Generally, attendance is not recorded in every class, but the expectation is that all classes will be attended, except due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. It is a common view among members of the faculty that the student who does not attend classes has failed to meet one of the important standards of achievement. This is particularly true given the nature of the conference method of teaching and learning and the strong emphasis on student discussion and participation. Therefore, many instructors consider attendance and participation as significant factors in the evaluation of student performance. If a student must be absent from class, the student should communicate with the instructor and make up any work missed.

A student who registers for a course, but who later decides not to continue with that course, must drop or withdraw from it by filing an add/drop form before the deadline. Failure to do so may result in a grade of UW or F.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)