Every student at Reed is assigned a faculty member as an academic adviser. The role of the adviser is to help students plan their academic schedules, provide guidance on how to fulfill their requirements for graduation, discuss academic interests and choices, offer advice about graduate school and life after Reed, assist students who are experiencing academic difficulty, and to work with advisees who request exceptions to academic policies (through petitioning) or who are considering leaves or withdrawal from the college.

Students should meet with their advisers prior to registering for classes and at the beginning of each semester. It is also helpful to meet with advisers at the end of the midterm period and at the end of the semester in order to review progress and to plan for upcoming semesters. The information on instructor comments in IRIS should be discussed with the adviser. Any student who receives an unsatisfactory grade (C- or below) at any grading period should meet with the adviser to discuss strategies and resources for improvement and for help in monitoring academic success. Students on academic probation must meet with their academic advisers to develop a progress plan and should plan ongoing meetings with their advisers throughout the semester.

Each new student is assigned an adviser based in part on the interest areas indicated on the survey sent to new students in the summer prior to enrollment. Students are encouraged to work with the same adviser for the first year but may complete an adviser change form (available in the registrar’s office) at any time. If a student is considering changing advisers, he or she should consult with and get a signature from the new adviser. It is not necessary to obtain the signature of the previous adviser, although it can be helpful to discuss the change with that person. If a student does not know whom to select as a new adviser, the associate registrar or a dean in student life is available for guidance. Students in their junior and senior years must have an adviser in their major field.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)