Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Thomas Landvatter

Tom at the Colossi Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities
Mediterranean archaeology, Hellenistic and Roman Egypt and Near East, identity and ethnicity in the ancient world

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Professor Thomas Landvatter
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Education and Experience

I earned a BA in History and a BA in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies from Penn State University in 2006, and my PhD in 2013 from the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA) at the University of Michigan. Before coming to Reed in 2015, I taught at Kalamazoo College and Valparaiso University. My teaching and research interests both center on the history and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean, in particular during the Hellenistic period (323-30 BCE). Geographically, I focus on the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East, especially Egypt. However, my broader interests encompass issues of cross-cultural interaction, imperialism, and material culture across the entire ancient Mediterranean, from the end of the Bronze Age (ca. 1200 BCE) into Late Antiquity (ca. 700 CE). My research specifically focuses on the archaeology of death and burial, and uses data from human burials to understand the social structures and practices of ancient societies.

I currently co-direct a fieldschool on Cyprus at the Hellenistic fortification site of Pyla-Vigla. Information about the fieldshool can found on our excavation blog.

Recent Courses Taught

Spring 2021

Classics 382: Material Culture and Empire - The Archaeology of the Roman World

Hum 110

Fall 2020

Latin 110: First-Year Latin

Hum 110

Spring 2020

Classics 383: Contact and Exchange in the Mediterranean - The Archaeology of the Greek World

Hum 110

Fall 2019

Greek 110: First-Year Greek

Hum 110

Spring 2018

Classics 382: Classical Archaeology - Roman

Greek 210: Second-Year Greek

Fall 2017

Classics 375: Ancient Egyptian History and Civilization

Greek 110: First-Year Greek

Greek 311: Herodotus and the Greek Encouter with Egypt


External Fellowships and Grants

2018 Sabbatical Enhancement, Loeb Classical Library Foundation, for project “Burial and Identity in Ptolemaic Egypt”

2014 Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI)-Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) Fellowship: for on-site research on Cyprus, for the project "Alexandrian Burial Practices and Social Identity on Ptolemaic Cyprus"

2012 American Research Center in Egypt Fellowship (ARCE): for on-site dissertation research and photographic documentation of mortuary sites in Alexandria, Luxor, and the Dakhleh and Khargeh Oases

2011-2012 National Science Foundation (NSF) Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (BCS Proposal 1038765): "Identity, Burial Practices, and Social Change in Greco-Roman Egypt"

Publications and Papers


2019 “Fluctuating Landscapes: Cross-Cultural Interaction, Mortuary Practice and Ritual at Ptolemaic-Roman Abydos,” in I. Regulski (ed.) Abydos: the sacred land at the end of the horizon (British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan 8), Peeters, 152-170.

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Book Reviews

2009 "Le Tombeau de Pétosiris à Touna el-Gebel: Relevé photographique." By N. Cherpion, J.-P. Corteggiani, and J-Fr. Gout. BiGen, vol. 27. Cairo: IFAO, 2007; in Journal of the American Oriental Society, 129.4: 733-734.