Financial Wellness

Budgeting Resources & Tools

Developing and tracking a personal budget is an immediate way to gain awareness and control of your expenses and spending habits. 

Here is a Budgeting Guide that can help with starting a personal budget. 

Here is a free Budget Planner from Nerd Wallet which helps you use the 50/30/20 budgeting rule.

For those that prefer to track their budget digitally and on the go, we have also put together a general Budget Spreadsheet Tool and Meal Point Budget Spreadsheet Tool that you can use. The form includes pre-made formulas, so you can just enter in your information! 

Once you've opened the spreadsheet(s), click File > Make a Copy to save an editable, personal version of the spreadsheet to your Google Drive. 

You can also view a short video that can help explain and guide you through using the spreadsheet tool. 

You can download the Google Sheets app to your phone to track and adjust budget no matter where you are! The Google Sheets app can be found here for Apple users and here for Android users.