Film and Media Studies

The film and media studies minor offers students the opportunity to study discipline-specific theories and methods in courses that focus on the history, theory, and criticism of film and communications media including cinema; film analysis and interpretation from various historical periods, national cinemas, directors, and genres; histories of media and mediation; the relationship between race, gender, and media; the role and power of media in shaping social values, political beliefs, identities and behaviors; the study of computers and computing, particularly in the context of art, communication, and culture.

For questions about the minor, contact Marat Grinberg.


Evgenii Bershtein
Professor of Russian

Jake Fraser
Assistant Professor of German and Humanities

Katja Garloff
Professor of German and Humanities

Marat Grinberg
Associate Professor of Russian and Humanities

Maureen Harkin
Professor of English and Humanities

Jing Jiang
Associate Professor of Chinese and Humanities

Mónica López Lerma
Associate Professor of Spanish and Humanities

Catherine Witt
Professor of French

Aki Miyoshi
Associate Professor of Art

Kris Cohen
Associate Professor of Art History and Humanities