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Office of Management and Budget
OMB Circular A-21
OMB Circular A-110
OMB Circular A-133

National Science Foundation
Grant Policy Manual
Grant Proposal Manual

National Institute of Health
Grants Policy and Guidance

The grants coordinator in the business office can help with any questions about budgets, government reporting requirements, or accounting needs that are related to your grant.

When your grant is approved, the grants coordinator will set up the fund and organization numbers that will be used to reference your grant. They will also set up the line item budget for your grant based on the budget in the proposal. If no budget is included in the proposal, you will be contacted by the grants coordinator and you will work together to set up a budget.

Once you are notified that the budget is set, you may begin spending your grant funds. On a monthly basis you will receive financial status reports for your grant. It is important to look over these carefully and report any irregularities or changes that need to be made immediately. The grants coordinator will also monitor your monthly reports. They will contact you if there are over expenditures that need correcting or if your budget period is ending and you have funds available that need to be spent.

Please be aware that you must forward any documentation you receive in regards to your grant to the business and development offices. The grants coordinator and the director of corporate and foundation support maintain files for each grant that is awarded to Reed College. They will assist you in monitoring all aspects of your grant such as reporting requirements to the awarding agency, award changes and updates, and financial reporting.


The development office prepares a notice about new grants as soon as possible for At Reed. We also provide a copy of funded proposals to the public affairs office so that they can be written about in the next Reed Magazine. We will also add awards to the list of current funded faculty and institutional grants on the Grants and Faculty Scholarship homepage. We will also work with public affairs to see if a press release to the media is appropriate.