Grants & Faculty Scholarship

Current Faculty Grants

Derek Applewhite
National Institutes of Health
The regulation of cell migration and adhesion by the Drosophila SPECC1L homolog, Split discs

Derek Applewhite and Anna Ritz, biology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Non-muscle Myosin II Contractility

Mark Beck, physics
RUI: CQIS: OP: State-Preparation-and-Measurement Tomography

Kara Becker, linguistics
Spencer Foundation
Linguistic Diversity and Discrimination in Higher Education

Mark Bedau, philosophy
The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Predicting technological progress by embedding Input-Output networks in semantic
technological spaces

Miriam Bowring, chemistry
American Chemical Society, Undergraduate New Investigator
Proton Tunneling in Organometallic Hydrocarbon Activation

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Organometallic Control of Proton Tunneling

Kara Cerveny, biology
American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research
From optic vesicle to eye: Examining how interplay between extracellular matrix and BMP proteins controls proliferation and differentiation

National Institutes of Health
From susceptibility to signals: How cues from the retinal microenvironment influence stem and progenitor cell behaviors

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Investigating Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Neurogenesis in the Developing Zebrafish

Kelly Chacón, chemistry
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Spectroscopic Investigations of Biological Tellurium and Selenium detoxification

Sam Fey, biology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Collaborative Research: Uncovering the population and community level consequences of phenotypic plasticity

Julie Fry, chemistry
The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation
NOx and particulate matter: Determining the chemical mechanisms behind regional air pollution

Environmental Protection Agency
Improving diesel particulate matter exposure assessment for vulnerable populations in the Portland metropolitan area

National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Atmospheric Nanoparticle Growth from NO3 Radical Initiated Oxidation of Monoterpenes

Arthur Glasfeld, biology
Core Fulbright US Scholar Program, UK
Characterization of Two Suspected Zinc Chaperone Proteins

National Institutes of Health
SloR-DNA Interactions

Adam Groce, Andrew Bray, and Anna Ritz, mathematics and biology
National Science Foundation
SaTC: CORE: Small: RUI: Differentially Private Hypothesis Testing

Paul Gronke, political science
Democracy Fund
Oregon Secretary of State Office
Support for Reed College’s Early Voting Information Center

MIT Election Data & Science Lab Collab (Lewis & Clark College)
Happy Birthday: You Get to Vote!

Kelly McConville, statistics
US Forest Service
Engaging diverse undergraduate students in statistical investigations for forest inventories

Jay Mellies
National Science Foundation
RUI: Collaborative: A REAL Approach to Investigating Bacterial Degradation of PET Plastic Waste

Kyle Ormsby and Angélica Osorno, mathematics
National Science Foundation
RUI: Higher structures in stable, equivariant, and motivic homotopy theory

Angélica Osorno and Kyle Ormsby, mathematics
National Science Foundation
Women in Topology Workshop

Michael Pitts, psychology
National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: RUI: Isolating neural mechanisms of perceptual awareness from post-perceptual processes

Templeton World Community Foundation
Accelerating research on Consciousness: An adversarial collaboration to test contradictory predictions of Global Neuronal Workspace and Integrated Information Theories of Consciousness

Templeton World Community Foundation
Game development and pilot study for an experiment on consciousness

Susan Renn, biology
National Institutes of Health
Mouth-brooding: a teleost adaptation as a tractable model of metabolic disorder

National Science Foundation
RUI: Collaborative Research: Maternal Transitions in a Mouth-Brooding Cichlid

Anna Ritz, biology
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Network-Based Signaling Pathway Analysis: Methods and Tools for Turning Theory into Practice

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Developing computational methods to identify candidate driver

Sarah Schaack, biology
National Institutes of Health
Tissue, Time, and Genotype: Investigating the Effects of Cellular Environment, Age, and Germline Mutation Rate on the Genome-Wide Rate and Spectrum of Somatic Mutation

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Promise for Scientific Research Award

National Science Foundation
CAREER: Upon Which Selection Can Act: Quantifying How Mutation and Environment Generate Genotypic & Phenotypic Variation in an Emerging Ecological & Evolutionary Genomic Model

Marc Schneiberg, sociology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Community Bank and Credit Union Effects on Communities and Local Economies in the US during the Great Recession

Sarah Wagner-McCoy
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Complete Short Stories of Charles W. Chesnutt

Erik Zornik, biology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Identifying the Neural Mechanisms of Vocal Evolution

National Institutes of Health
Generating Motor Rhythms through Recurrent Feedback Circuitry