Economics 354

Economics of Science and Technology
Jeffrey Parker, Reed College
Fall Semester, 2014

"Every invention contains some borrowing and every borrowing contains some invention." - L. S. De Camp

Econ 354 Class News

  • [12/10] One question on the final exam will ask you: "If you could convince Congress to change one policy in order to improve U.S. economic growth through more successful innovation, what would you change and why?"
  • [11/30] The second essay assignment (due before class on Monday, December 8) is now posted.
  • [11/3] The first essay assignment is now posted. Your essays are due before class on Monday, November 10.
  • A selection of interesting patents I've come across over the years.
  • Request: Please include your last name in the filename when you send attachments. That helps me avoid having 6 anonymous files with the name "Section 1 Notes" in my folder!