Economics 312

Theory and Practice of Econometrics
Spring 2020
Jeffrey Parker, Reed College 

This is the home page for Economics 312: Theory and Practice of Econometrics at Reed College. The links at left allow you to navigate to various parts of the Web site for course information, assignments, and the reading list.

Class news

  • [5/11]  Updated grade file is here.
  • [3/30]  Another new link has mysteriously appeared in the navigation bar! This one takes you to the class Moodle page, where I am posting the recordings of the class conference discussions.
  • [3/25]  A new link has been added to the navigation bar at left. It takes you to the directory of recorded online lectures that are accumulating. As of today, there are three classes out there: the one that actually happened on March 16 and the ones for which discussions will occur on March 30 and April 1.
  • [3/8]  Coded file of grades through in-class midterm exam (updated on 3/16 for take-home midterm, but not for other assignments)
  • [3/6]  Data files for take-home mid-term exam:
  • [2/10] The link to the spurious correlation Web site I showed in class today.
  • [2/5] The log file for today's Monte Carlo demonstration is now posted.
  • [1/31] The log file for yesterday's Stata demonstration is now posted. You should be able to open this file in any text-editing or word-processing program (or through the "View Log" feature in Stata).
  • News relevant to Econ 312 will be posted here. You should bookmark this home page rather than the subordinate pages of this site.
  • Information on support classes in Stata and other data-related services is at