Community Dance at Reed

free and open to the public
no previous dance experience necessary
children welcome
no registration necessary

Welcome! Community Dance at Reed is a project that aims to bring together members of the Reed College and broader Portland communities. We practice community dance as a mode of dancemaking and social intervention based on the principles of collective creation. Weekly creative movement sessions—offered one semester each academic year—are free and open to the public. No previous dance experience necessary. These sessions offer a forum for dancing and talking about social, cultural, and identity based issues. We welcome all bodies, with a critical awareness of how race, class, ability, gender, and sexuality impact the ways we relate to ourselves and one another in public. Together, we collaboratively create dance works and perform in the Dance Department’s biannual concerts.

2020-21 Schedule

Since its inaugural semester in spring 2016, communal care, accountability to one another, and direct engagement with pressing social and political issues has been at the core of the dancing that we do together. The same values, however, that have guided our approach across the years mean that we will not be able to dance together, in person, during the 2020-2021 academic year. Studies have demonstrated how group physical activity heightens risk for transmission of COVID-19. Furthermore, Reed College has put in place restrictions that close campus to the general public beginning August 3, 2020.  

At the same time, the  mission of Community Dance at Reed feels more important than ever. While additional details with be forthcoming, during fall 2020 Community Dance at Reed will host several virtual gatherings that will:
1)    Allow us to dance together while apart
2)    Facilitate dialogue around future plans for Community Dance at Reed 

Please join us for some distanced dancing and planning in the coming months. Check back here and on Facebook for updates. 

Additional Information

Community Dance at Reed is informed and inspired by a broad range of community based dance projects. For related projects, resources, and community partners see: