Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies

CRES Minor


The goal of the CRES minor is to engage students with the cross-disciplinary examination of race and ethnicity as well as foster an understanding of approaches (including theories and methods) to the study of race and/or ethnicity within given disciplines.


A minimum of 5 courses, including:

  1. CRES 300; and 
  2. Two courses from CRES Disciplinary Group I outside the home department
  3. Two courses from CRES Disciplinary Group II outside the home department

At least one course in each Disciplinary Group must be a CRES foundational course (cross-listed as CRES 100–469).

Ideally, classes used for Disciplinary Group course requirements would all be CRES foundational or CRES designated. Because some CRES courses have non-CRES prerequisites, students seeking to satisfy either requirement 2 or 3 with two courses listed in the same department may count a total of one non-CRES course that is a prerequisite for a CRES foundational course among all four courses when fulfilling these requirements.

Note that students in any department may minor in CRES, including departments that may be used as a home department for the CRES major.