Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies

The program in Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies (CRES) is intended for students who wish to combine focused study in anthropology, dance, history, music, sociology, or theatre with comparative interdivisional work on race and ethnicity.

CRES students are required to pass a junior qualifying exam, which consists of passing the exam in their home department and preparing a research proposal for the CRES committee. See CRES qual for details.

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CRES Announcements

CRES is pleased to announce CRES Classics, a series of trans-disciplinary conversations of landmark CRES creators and works led by Reed and visiting faculty.


The next talk of the spring semester is Thursday, April 11, in Vollum 116 from 12-1 PM, with LaShandra Sullivan of the Anthropology Department, speaking on Combahee River Collective's Black Feminist Statement.

Download the reading here

Admission to the Major

To be admitted to the CRES program, students must obtain signatures of their home department adviser and the CRES committee chair on their declaration of major form. Students should use this opportunity to discuss their proposed course of study with a CRES committee member, ensuring that CRES courses will be offered in the semesters proposed and that all of the major requirements will be met. Note that in some departments only certain pairs of courses may be combined to satisfy CRES major requirements; please see the list of CRES courses and qualifying pairs.

Major Planners

The Registrar's Office has prepared major planners for each CRES major:

Sample plans for CRES majors starting as first-year or second-year students are also available:

Upcoming Events

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