Comparative Literature


Comparative Literature 201 - Introduction to Comparative Literature

Full course for one semester. This class introduces students to the study of literature across linguistic, cultural, and historical boundaries. We will examine the concept of literature itself, asking whether it is a historically—or culturally—specific notion. We will also consider the ways in which our practices of reading and interpretation have to change once we put aside the organizing principles of national literary traditions. In each session, we will analyze one or more literary works in conjunction with essays by theorists and critics. Key topics will include interdisciplinarity, intermediality, the relationship between aesthetics and politics, translation, colonialism and post-colonialism, and world vs. global literature. Conference.

Comparative Literature 470 - Thesis

Full course for one year.

Courses that Apply Toward the Comparative Literature Requirements

All literature courses at Reed can count towards the Comparative Literature major as part of a well-designed program. Please consult any of the members of the comparative literature committee for help in planning your major.