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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, James C. Gaither Jr. Fellows Program.

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Internal Deadline: November 4th, 2020 at 12:00 PM PST
Liaison: Yaejoon Kwon

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The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an international policy think-tank, offers students a substantive one-year experience working and conducting research in Washington, D.C. through the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows program. As part of the application process, candidates select one of the Institute's thematic projects, including topics such as (research areas change each year): non-proliferation, democracy building, energy and climate, international economics, Middle East studies, and Russian and Eurasian affairs. They provide a salary of $42,000 for the year, pre-tax, and paid semi-monthly. A full benefits package is also provided.


Graduating seniors or students who have completed their bachelor's degree within the past academic year and who have not started graduate studies are eligible. Applicants should have completed a significant amount of course work in their field of studies. Some of the research areas also have foreign language requirements. Nominees should be of the highest academic quality and have demonstrated substantial interest in international issues.

International student eligibility:

U.S. citizenship is not required for this program, but you must be eligible to work in the United States for a full twelve months from approximately August 1 through July 31 following graduation. Students on F-1 visas who are eligible to work in the United States for the full year may apply for the program. This would likely require twelve months of OPT. Inquire with International Student Services to learn more about OPT.

Selection Criteria

Successful candidates demonstrate critical thinking in their area of interest, an outstanding academic record, and the unique skills required by each program compatible with the scholars' research needs in a given year. Applications are judged on the quality of the written essay, related academic study and/or work experience, grades, recommendations, and personal interviews. Aproximately 11-13 fellows are selected each year (approximately five percent of applicants).

Application Procedure

This award requires a nomination from the college to apply. Interested applicants should review the internal application instructions. Contact CLBR Fellowships with any questions.