Museo dell'Ara Pacis - Exterior

The Wall - along the Lungotevere in Augusta

The travertine-faced wall along the Lungotevere in Augusta has been the single most critisized feature of the Meier design. It was intended to separate people in the fountain and stairs areas from the intense traffic of one of Rome's busy traffic arteries. This has been accomplished with notable success, transforming a previously leftover parking space into a much enjoyed areas for relaxation and conversation. However, the wall presents a forbidding barrier to those driving along the avenue and, more importantly, for pedestrians walking along the adjoining sidewalk. The architect, Richard Meier, has agreed that if the Lungotevere in Augusta beside the museum is lowered into an underpass, as the city now plans, it would be wise to eliminate portions of this wall and to connect the museum area with a green terrace along the Tiber River.