Drawings, Prints, and 20th C. Photographs

1983 Ruesch and Zanardi

This outstanding publication, a model of its kind, constitutes the second half of a volume published following the major 1982 study and restoration of the original east front of the Ara Pacis. Ruesch and Zanardi include 52 detail photographs with informative captions (11 reproduced here), and 9 color diagrams with keyed charts (all here). Later publications have noted the value of these diagrams and urged the publication of comparable studies of other portions of the altar.

Scanned from Vivian Ruesch and Bruno Zanardi, “L’Intervento di Restauro della Fronte Orientale dell’Ara Pacis Augustae”, Ara Pacis Augustae” In Occasione del Restauo della Fronte Orientale, ed. Eugenio la Rocca. Rome: L’Erma di Bretschneider, 1983. Reproduced with appreciation.