Drawings, Prints, and 20th C. Photographs

1926 Rizzo

This major article records information from the 1903 excavation not previously published. Rizzo notes that he worked almost every day in the excavations of 1903 and reviews the evidence found. Of special importance, he includes the first published ground plan of the excavation, showing portions uncovered and the line at which the excavation was suspended. A number of important fragments recovered are illustrated for the first time in small but high quality photographs. Rizzo also includes the famous photograph of block III of the south processional frieze, including the figures of two flamines (fig. 13), photographed as discovered in the narrow passageway of the tunnel under the Via in Lucina, along the south side of the Piazza Fiano. This block was not excavated until 1937.

Scanned from Giulio Emanuele Rizzo, “Per la Ricostruzione dell" Ara Pacis Augustae”, in Capitolium, vol.2, no.8 (Nov. 1926), pp. 457-473. Reproduced with appreciation.

Captions are literal translations from the Italian (these 2 pages added August 2012).