Drawings, Prints, and 20th C. Photographs

1902 Petersen

Petersen's 1902 publication consisted of a text volume with prints (pages 1-3 on this website) and an accompanying volume of photogravures (page 4 on this website). Together, they constituted the first books published on the Ara Pacis Augustae. Especially considering that it preceded the first excavation of the Ara Pacis (conducted partly by Petersen, in 1903), this was a remarkable, landmark publication, including comprehensive visual documentation of many facets of the monument. The text volume includes detailed drawings of the surviving fragments and the first drawing proposing the overall form of the monument. The accompanying volume of photogravures includes the first published photographs of portions of the 2 processional friezes and of 2 figurative panels.

The text volume was scanned from Eugen [Adolf Hermann] Petersen, and George Niemann, Ara Pacis Augustae. mit zeichnungen von George Niewmann; VIII Lichtdrucktafeln in Besonderem Bande, 60 Abbildungen im Texte. Sonderschriften des Österreichischen Archäologischen Institutes in Wien, Band II. Wien: Alfred. Hödler, K. U. K. Hof- und Universitäts-Buchhändler, 1902. Reproduced with appreciation.

The text volume includes approximately 30 small images of related objects, not reproduced on this web site. The text volume is available on the web in various formats. The most useful is the complete copy of the text volume, from the Universitäts-Bibliothek Heidelberger, available on Europeana. The accompanying volume of plates, with small images, is also available from the University of Heidelberg.