Campus Martius

Northern Campus Martius in Augustan Period

One of the many contributions of the Rotary Club of South Rome to the restoraton of the Ara Pacis and its building are two small, informative models on display in the museum. The one below shows the northern Campus Martius during the Augustan period. It makes clear the open, undeveloped landscape of the northern Campus Martius and the location of the Mausoleum, Obelisk, and Ara Pacis as Augustus and Agrippa began development of the area. This model was made by the Istituto Statale d'Arte Roma 2 (now Liceo Artistico Roma 2), directed by Prof. Antonio Celli, with scientific advice from F. De Caprariis and A. Viscoglios. Reproduced with appreciation.

The other model is of the entire Ara Pacis Augustae and is also available on this we site.